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"bro your stepping on my tail"
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Erza Scarlet Speed Drawing!
Holy crap I'm still doing this. Well, here it is, a new video and I'm drawing the Fairy Queen herself! 
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Name: Emiko Enomoto

Hero Alias: Amalgam

Birthday: October 24th

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10

Quirk: Atom Acer- She has the ability to rip apart, and refuse anything through atomic regulation.

Temporary Nuclear Fusion- She can create a short expansion of nuclear fusion without having to deal with the effects of nuclear fission as she can control atomic regulation. This is less destructive than normal nuclear fusion.

Nuclear Fusion- An atomic explosion by fusing two atoms. It leaves her in dire health. (Advised Last Resort) 

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Homosexual

Social status: Single

Personality: She is a pleasant person doing anything she can to help those in need. She is incredibly intelligent.

Family: Mother, Older Brother

Any Occupation: Nurse

Affliation: Yuuei/ AU Heroes Hope

Goals: She wants to be a hero that can be useful to others. She's aiming to be a support type of hero.

Quotes: “I can't sit in the corner anymore. I will become a hero that I can be proud of.”

“What can I help you with?”

“Unlikely for no casualties. That route could startle the villains, and start an altercation with the hostages.”

Fun Facts: All atoms are visible to her, and her brain is on such a heightened spectrum that only she can comprehend these atoms like everyday objects.

As she has an accelerated brain perception she can also see other spectrums of light.

If you stare into her eyes you'll get a migraine.

Her arm gauntlet helps her focus her atomic regulation better.

Her quirk runs on her stamina, and mental condition so as such she keeps up with her daily cardio, and meditation.

She trains to physically support the team if need be.

It's easy to create fused inanimate objects for her, but for organic beings her quirk works like an anatomy board game. She has to know where to put every cell, tissue, organ, and so on in the right place, or the result could end up with multiple organs, or organs in the wrong cavity.

Strike/Lift strength: 3/5

Stamina: 5/5

Durability: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Technique: 3/5

Intelligence: 6/5

Cooperativeness: 4/5

Quirk Control: 4/5 
Name: Junko Nakano

Hero Alias: Bouncy Betty

Birthday: December 25th

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5’11

Quirk: Stretch Out- She can stretch every part of her body to extreme degrees, and has complete control over it physically, and mentally.

Muscle Burst- She can create overwhelming friction from her muscles by rotating them to create a rubber band like snap back that can give her bursts of intense speed.

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Social status: Single

Family: Father, Mother, Little Brother, Adopted little sister

Any Occupation: Works at her dad's corner store.

Affiliation: Yuuei/ AU Heroes Hope High

Personality: She is a kind person risking her well being as long as her job as a hero is met. She's a tomboy so she's prone to roughhousing, and moderate profanity.

Goals: She wants to become a hero, but not for the fame, rank, or money. She saves lives, and expects nothing from it. ____________

Quotes: “I went with Bouncy because I was bouncing when my quirk first activated. Went with Betty for the alliteration.”
“I don't have a traumatic backstory. A hero doesn't need it to become one. A hero needs that unadulterated passion."

“Hi ya. Whatcha doin there?”

“Time to crack a cold villain with the hero boys. *She chuckles.*”

Fun Facts: Her skin cells don't regenerate as fast as normal humans. A scar on her cheek hasn't healed for 3 years. It'll stop bleeding, but a scar will not form for a while. Blunt attacks cannot internally damage her, but it can still faze, and knock her away, however sharp attacks are detrimental to her anatomy. It inflicts her pain receptors more, and she bleeds excessively depending on the severity of the wound.

Her heart pumps more blood than the average human to compensate for her quirks bodily effect.

She isn't a very creative person when it comes to designs, or names for attacks.

Her suit is made of fibers that can absorb sharp, or bladed attacks.

Striking/Lifting strength: 3/5
Stamina: 5/5
Durability: 6/5 (Sharp attacks: ⅖)
Speed: 4/5
Technique: 5/5
Intelligence: 3/5
Cooperativeness: 4/5
Quirk Control: 5/5

(Main OC)

Name: Shizukesa Yoshiko

Hero Alias: Getsu

Birthday: January 24th

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 6ft

Quirk: (All-Force) It allows her to control the versatile spectrum of force, but it will take years before she can master most of the different types. Currently her quirk is limited to Kinetic force, Potential energy, and Gravity.

Force Sense- Her body reacts to changes in her spatial kinetic receptors. She can feel sudden changes around her.

Kinetic Membrane- She can create a neuromuscular barrier of kinetic force for durability, and explosively brute damage.

Impact Amplifier- She can amplify the intensity of her blows. This can only be done through rapid fire attacks.

Force touch: By making physical contact she can create fixed point gravity, or slow down the kinetic force of a moving object by applying potential energy.

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation: Student, martial arts teacher

Social Status: Single

Affiliation: Yuuei/ AU Heroes Hope High /Global Maintenance Corp

Personality: Shizukesa is very disciplined, but can be fun to hang around. She continuously trains to refine her combat prowess. She's also very encouraging.

Family: Father, Uncle

Goal: To encourage others to enact heroic deeds, and even become heroes regardless of having a quirk. Her will for her goal is strong.

Quotes: “Hero is a versatile word these days.”

“If being a modern hero strays from it's real truth now I don't need the title. I'll be human!!”

“You can do it. Raise your shoulder more. Distance your thighs. There we go.”

-------- Fun Facts: -She had a brain deformity at birth, and so her quirk did not manifest until she was 15. It's called Quirk Dormancy. -She's been hiding her quirk from society since she won the sports festival. She wants the world to believe a quirk-less hero is rising to top ranks as to become a public icon which will inspire others to become a hero.

-She's more combat capable than Stain the Hero Killer having had her father as a teacher who also surpassed Stain.

Strike/Lift strength: 5/5
Stamina: 6/5
Durability: 6/5
Speed: 5/5
Technique: 6/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Cooperativity: 4/5
Quirk Control: 3/5

Overall Abilities: At the age of 18 she far surpassed peak human, demonstrating physical feats like tearing through metal with sheer force, being able to take fatal injuries having a high pain tolerance. Having been recommended on pure skill alone she's surpassed most present day pros being comparable to the top 3 students at U.A. Having grown up home schooled with a Global Task Force leader for a father, and a biomechanical/neural scientist for an uncle she had built a keen mindset.

Highly perceptive combat experience: For 15 years she had trained with her father to sharpen her fists, and mind. Her knowledge on fighting styles is vast, and she is very adaptable, and flexible to situations utilizing anything to her advantage including environment. Her combat prowess even surpasses that of Chizome Akaguro, the Hero Killer, Stain.

Immense Stamina/Endurance: Her training allowed her to expand her durability, and stamina immensely. She's proven so using her quirk in the form of a jackhammer while heavily injured. She has a high pain, and stamina loss tolerance capable of fighting for hours on end without break. She has fought with broken limbs before.

Speed/Reaction Time: She's able to output high subsonic sprinting speeds capable of keeping up with, and even surpassing Tenya Iida discluding Recipro Burst. Since birth her body had always been able to get sudden sensations regardless of her quirklessness when getting too close to something. Her reaction time after 15 years of training under this phenomenon is immense.

Titan Super Saiyan Roken
(This is a revamp of the form Ascended Deity Super Saiyan/Ultimate Deity Super Saiyan, whatever form name you remember it by, that furry SSJ5-esque form with the black markings. It has been redone.)

This is Roken's most powerful Deity transformation. Those of higher rank in the Godly Realm call it, "The God's Engine." The form has one drawback. This form has a time limit, but it isn't some arbitrary time limit based on the amount of ki you have, or of the time you train in this form.
It is an hour. it is meant to train the user in discipline, and not to abuse such power. If the time agenda is not sufficiently maintained one will lose usage of the transformation for an extended period of time.

Trivia: There are occurences when one is in a state of rage, where he/she can spark their Ki, giving leeway for another fighting attempt, but this is extremly rare.

Roken usually doesn't play around when he is in this form, he'll only go this far when there is an immediate danger. This form is an "I will kill you as fast as possible", form.

When going into this form it bars a variation of God ki called, "Daemon Ki." It is the divine ki of an ancient long dead deity only those of holy, or Deity- like importance can harness within their family tree.

By the end of Roken's cinematic story he is much stronger than the God's of Destruction, or Angels in this form.

This, and any other Deity Super Saiyan transformations are exclusive to the Deity Saiyan sub-race.
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Hey guys. I'm alive, and I may start posting here again.


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like to draw thats all

King Roken Fan Button by Gonga01


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